Basic elements of MS Access – A Quick overview

image So what exactly is MS Access application. To put it in simple words, MS access is a database application used to store, update & retrieve data.

Lets try opening the application straight away. So what you see below is the screen when you first open the Northwind 2007 database that normally comes free with the MS Access application.


In the above image you see three red boxes numbered 1,2,3.

Box Number 1

The box that is numbered as 1 is nothing but the “Navigation Panel” which list all the six objects that  are used in MS Access. Those six objects are as follows:

  1. Tables
  2. Queries
  3. Forms
  4. Reports
  5. Macros
  6. Modules

Please note that our initial focus is going to be Tables & Queries. Then we will move on to Forms & reports. Finally, as per the requirement, we’ll focus our attention on Macros & Modules.
Tables – is an object used to store data i.e. whenever you create a new database, you first create a table. Table is going to be the location where your data will be stored.
Queries – is an object used to query the data stored in the tables. Using this query objects you can retrieve information from the data table in whichever way you need.

Forms – is an object used to input data into the table. It can also be used to display data.
Reports – is an object used to get an output in a desired format. This is nothing but generating reports as per your required format.

As of now, ignore Macros & Modules. Lets not try to bombard ourselves with more objects. We’ll study them whenever we want to use them in future.

By now you might have realised that our immediate focus will be on “Analysing the data using queries” using the queries & tables objects.

Inputting data (Form object) & Generating output (Reports Object) will be dealt with later.

Box Number 2

This area is the called as the work area wherein you will see the details of the objects that is being clicked. For e.g. in the image above, the work area shows the details of the table named Customer.

Box Number 3

By now you might have realised that this is nothing but the Ribbon which is a central location for all the tools & functions that will be required during the course of using the database application.


4 responses to “Basic elements of MS Access – A Quick overview

  1. i have a question the elements of Microsoft access and database objects are the same?

    • Hi Jenalyn,
      When I said Basic ‘elements’, I wanted to draw your attention to key parts of MS access that you’ll be seeing once you open any Access database.
      Whereas ms access objects are tables,queries,forms,reports, macros and modules. So, elements and objects are not the same.
      Hope this helps.

  2. thanks for your guide

  3. What are the parts of MS Access Windows?

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