Who am I ?

TheAccessBuddyHi there! Let me begin by sharing something  about me. I am an analyst working for a supply chain company. One of the basic aspect of my job is supply chain designing which requires me to analyze humongous amount of data. I have traditionally & extensively used MS Excel for that purpose. But, in the recent past , I have been increasingly using MS Access.

How it all got started..

When I decided to learn more about MS Access so that I could use it more in my day-to-day work, I realized that though there were huge number of blogs/articles/tutorials available on internet, they were very intimidating to  a non-techie. They did explain the concepts really well, but I guess they ended up being more techie-friendly & not business-user friendly. I therefore felt the need to have a resource where the MS-Access concepts will be explained in a very simple & lucid manner to an average business guy who needs to run a wide variety of analysis on a daily basis but can’t do so because of his limited technical skills.

What’s this all about & what is it all going to be..

As mentioned above, this blog is going to focus on basic Access functionalities so that it can get an average non-techie like you & me started in using MS access for our day-to-day analysis. The idea here is to jump right away to create basic queries, run analysis & then slowly get introduced to forms, reports & other technical concepts in a intuitive manner. In addition, you can also expect loads of nifty tips & tricks.

As you might have realized by now, I have a full-time day job & it takes majority of my time throughout the week & sometimes even on weekends . While I do strive to post as regularly as possible, but there might be a period where you might not see any updates from me. My advice to you is to just have patience & continue to keep checking my blog for further updates.

Get in Touch with the Buddy..

While I have mentioned what you can expect from this blog, I am open to suggestion/advice/ comments/feedback/remarks/complaints from you. You can get in touch with me by :

  • Sending me an email – theaccessbuddy-(at the rate -of)-gmail-(dot)-com
  • Dropping a comment on my blog

Oh yeah, by the way, you can call me “TheAccessBuddy”

Happy reading & sharing this blog!

4 responses to “

  1. Well presented easy to understand and answered a lot of question brilliant! I work in Warehousing therefore the ABC analysis was perfect please keep posting…

  2. Lourinaldo Marques da Costa

    Hello Buddy. I’m from Boituva state of São Paulo – Brazil. Thank you very much for the article on cumulative sum. I spent days trying to find a way to get satisfactory results on a query field with results being accumulated. I did not find in the media and in the Microsoft website tutorial that it answered my doubts. Reading his article I solved immediately my problems. Congratulations and a lot of success in your work.


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