Who am I ?

TheAccessBuddyHi there! Let me begin by sharing something  about me. I am an analyst working for a supply chain company. One of the basic aspect of my job is supply chain designing which requires me to analyze humongous amount of data. I have traditionally & extensively used MS Excel for that purpose. But, in the recent past , I have been increasingly using MS Access.

How it all got started..

When I decided to learn more about MS Access so that I could use it more in my day-to-day work, I realized that though there were huge number of blogs/articles/tutorials available on internet, they were very intimidating to  a non-techie. They did explain the concepts really well, but I guess they ended up being more techie-friendly & not business-user friendly. I therefore felt the need to have a resource where the MS-Access concepts will be explained in a very simple & lucid manner to an average business guy who needs to run a wide variety of analysis on a daily basis but can’t do so because of his limited technical skills.

What’s this all about & what is it all going to be..

As mentioned above, this blog is going to focus on basic Access functionalities so that it can get an average non-techie like you & me started in using MS access for our day-to-day analysis. The idea here is to jump right away to create basic queries, run analysis & then slowly get introduced to forms, reports & other technical concepts in a intuitive manner. In addition, you can also expect loads of nifty tips & tricks.

As you might have realized by now, I have a full-time day job & it takes majority of my time throughout the week & sometimes even on weekends . While I do strive to post as regularly as possible, but there might be a period where you might not see any updates from me. My advice to you is to just have patience & continue to keep checking my blog for further updates.

Get in Touch with the Buddy..

While I have mentioned what you can expect from this blog, I am open to suggestion/advice/ comments/feedback/remarks/complaints from you. You can get in touch with me by :

  • Sending me an email – theaccessbuddy-(at the rate -of)-gmail-(dot)-com
  • Dropping a comment on my blog

Oh yeah, by the way, you can call me “TheAccessBuddy”

Happy reading & sharing this blog!

5 responses to “

  1. Well presented easy to understand and answered a lot of question brilliant! I work in Warehousing therefore the ABC analysis was perfect please keep posting…

  2. Thanks for your great post
    very helpful

    I tried the RT DSUM it works in one case but not other

    could you help me?

    i am a bit lost

    data sample
    table:Copy Of 023b Total Invoice GlobalBySupp
    * not in table, check run after in excel

    TotSumInvNoGL SuppTotGL TotGL RTSuppInvTotGL *Expected RT
    1 371,300,865.10 9,441,717,529.81 371,300,865.10 371,300,865
    2 368,389,588.95 9,441,717,529.81 736,779,177.90 739,690,454
    3 229,306,011.51 9,441,717,529.81 687,918,034.53 968,996,466
    4 178,729,673.66 9,441,717,529.81 714,918,694.64 1,147,726,139
    5 170,457,194.98 9,441,717,529.81 852,285,974.90 1,318,183,334
    6 158,143,609.85 9,441,717,529.81 948,861,659.10 1,476,326,944

    access query used

    SELECT [Copy Of 023b Total Invoice GlobalBySupp].TotSumInvNoGL, [Copy Of 023b Total Invoice GlobalBySupp].SuppTotGL, [Copy Of 023b Total Invoice GlobalBySupp].TotGL, DSum([SuppTotGL],”[Copy Of 023b Total Invoice GlobalBySupp]”,”[TotSumInvNoGL] <=" & [TotSumInvNoGL]) AS RTSuppInvTotGL
    FROM [Copy Of 023b Total Invoice GlobalBySupp];

    as you can see RT in MS access does not match the one

    help greatly appreciated!!!

    thanks in advance



  3. Lourinaldo Marques da Costa

    Hello Buddy. I’m from Boituva state of São Paulo – Brazil. Thank you very much for the article on cumulative sum. I spent days trying to find a way to get satisfactory results on a query field with results being accumulated. I did not find in the media and in the Microsoft website tutorial that it answered my doubts. Reading his article I solved immediately my problems. Congratulations and a lot of success in your work.


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