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  1. Danielle Wiechens

    Hello. I am so glad to find an active Access tutorial as everything I’ve seen lately is years old and not relevant anymore. I have a database that I’d like to update to be more user friendly. I downloaded the sample database Northwind that I see you use in your examples. I’d like to know how to make my database (which is much less complex) mimic the Northwind database. The problem I’m running into is WHERE TO START! Northwind is so in depth that I can’t decide how to start to acheive the end goal. Do you think you’ll be able to post something along these lines in the near future?

    • Hi Danielle, I understand your problem regarding “Where to start” as a newbie. That’s a good idea you have given me to post something on how to start making a simple database for a beginner. Let me think what & how I can do this – I can plan something like this in near future. Thanks.

  2. You are now my new go to for help! Thanks

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