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Quick way to Import Multiple Excel Files into MS Access

Recently, I had requested a big size of sales/inventory data from one of our internal team. While the data was available at a reasonable level of detail, it was too big to come in one spreadsheet. So, the concerned data operator gave me the data in multiple spreadsheets (MS Excel) with each spreadsheet of significant file size running into 100s of MBs. When I went through the data, I realised I might have to add some helper columns to add some more details – but doing so in each and every spreadsheet was going to be too time consuming. So, I started thinking of importing these multiple files into a single table of MS Access, then run queries as per my needs. Quick way to Import Multiple Excel Files into MS Access

In this post, you’ll learn about this in-built Macro function in MS Access to import data known as “ImportExportSpreadsheet”.

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What is a NULL Value?

In simple English, NULL means nothing – absolutely nothing. In MS Access too, NULL means the same….no Value. NULL means absence of any value whatsoever. NULL is different from a zero Value. In fact, NULL is also different from a Zero length String (ZLS), though they appear the same visually.

What is a NULL Value?

The presence of NULL value indicates that maybe you have no value to add in the table, or simply the value is unknown. Furthermore, you cannot compare NULL value i.e. Comparing two NULL value will give you NULL, since by definition you have no value to compare with.

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