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4 Additional Operators in MS Access that you can use [Operator Types 5 of 5]

In all the 4 previous posts on operators, you have seen some specific operators that can be used to perform certain specific actions. In addition to this, there are still a few additional operators provided by MS Access to assist you in your data analysis.

4 Additional Operators in MS Access

In this post, you’ll learn about these additional operators….

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6 Logical Operators in MS Access that you must know [Operator Types 3 of 5]

While doing any data analysis, you often encounter situations wherein you need to make use of Boolean logic. Now, Boolean logic involves operations on Truth values TRUE (1) and FALSE values (0) .
6 Logical Operators in MS Access that you must know

In simple words, you would be interested, at times, in knowing the output when one expression is true and(/or) second expression is also true. You can think of Boolean logic as a  simple way of comparing individual inputs and expressions. In order to make those comparisons, it uses what are called as operators aka “Logical Operators”.  Note that Boolean logic is a form of logic that reduces all values to either TRUE or FALSE.

In this post, you are going to learn about Logical Operators in MS Access. You will make use of logical operators to combine two expressions and return a value of “TRUE”, “FALSE”, or “NULL” depending on the Boolean value of the expression on which logical operation is being done.

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6 Comparison Operators in MS Access that you need to know about [Operator Types 2 of 5]

In this post you’ll learn how and when to use the comparison Operator. As the name suggests, comparison operator allows you to perform comparison between two operands.

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7 Useful Arithmetic Operators in MS Access that you should know [Operator Types 1 of 5]

As discussed in the earlier post ‘Applying Criteria in MS Access’, you will now be using and analyzing  in details the various operators that are available in MS Access. In this post you will learn the basics of arithmetic operator.

Arithmetic Operators

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Applying Criteria in MS Access

In this post and the ones following next, you are going to learn how to filter the data so as to get the exact information that you want. So, what exactly is filtering the data? – Filtering means separating out or pulling out the ‘required information’ from the base data. Note that you need to know beforehand “what exactly is required”. And in order to get “what is required”, you need to specify certain rules or conditions that must be met. Such rules or conditions are known as “Criteria” and there are different ways of specifying this criteria. Let us see how this is done…..

Applying Criteria

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